Barn Rules

Horse Barn Safety Rules

These are rules to keep in mind when being around the horse at this barn. 

  1. NO Running
  2. NO Smoking 
  3. At all times, children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
  4. Do not enter the stalls unless authorized to do so.
  5. Ask before feeding any of the animals.

These are the main rules however a few things to keep in mind; horse are startled easily, especially in the elder years like a few of ours. We recommend talking to them and making yourself known before approaching. We know you or your little ones can be scared or even become really excited but please keep the squeaking, squealing, and screaming to as little as possible. The horses may squeal back.

If we can follow these basic rules, then we can all enjoy the barn and all the animals safely. 

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