Jaakko is on his way to being a big boy

Our newest addition to the family came to us on December 17th, 2017 and the adoption has finally come through today.

First Day home Jaakko mustang horse pony horseback riding lessons.

As previously mentioned Jaakko came to us with Tip training completed, which means that he has learned that he is supposed to pick up his feed and let people put a halter on him, as well as, get in the trailer.

Now its time for him to learn some big boy skills. Once he settled in we got right to work practicing lounging and the then saddling. Luckily, with this guy, he doesn't care about too much as long as he is getting attention. When training a horse to be saddled you have to expose them to all the parts of the saddle. I like to use the Clinton Anderson Method by making saddling seam like its no big deal. Starting by casually tossing the saddle pad on their back until the become fully comfortable with being on them. Then the same concept with the saddle. Cinching needs to happen quickly but not too firm just tight enough so that the saddle does not slip and becoming a hazard. First Saddling breaking a mustang horse

As you can see this was a no big deal for this young man.

From there we practiced lounging with the saddle on just so he can get used to how it feels on his back and all the different noises the saddle makes as he moves. He bucked a couple cute like kick ups but then evened out without an issue. to prepare him for being ridden I began putting a little weight in the stirrup.weight in the stirrup wild mustang horse

I do not recommend doing this in a large arena.


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